Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 2/10/14

Good win for the Celtics.   I still have trouble with teams openly cheering for their team to lose.  I just can't do it, myself.  There are the usual Kelly Olynyk hair comments.  I think the last one was the best.   And the usual amazement at how good and underrated that Sully is.  The Pressey short jokes are new, but they are funny nonetheless.  My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Celtics holding out rondo after they said he would have no limitations on his minutes now.
Well played Celtics, well played

Are we finally done playing the Massholes after this? Seems like we've played them 20 times this year.

I think we're going to win this one. I feel as a whole we've been playing better basketball in the last week, Boston coming off a late night back to back, and I think Rondo may be out. Seems set up for the win.

Believe in the tank

Would love an embarrassing loss to a Rondo-less Celtics team tonight.

Breathe in, breathe out -- remember that we have Coach Larry Drew behind us, and believe in the power of the tank.

We need to trade Sanders because tanking the next couple seasons is extremely important. Who cares if we win games for now.

I want Henson to make posters out of sully and Kelly. Show them who deserves to be in the rising challenge

Have a bad feeling we win this one...unless Sully goes off, which is possible.

Well Bucks can afford a win and I'm rooting for a W tonight. These guys could use number 10 before the break. Also I dislike the Celtics, so I'm thinking WIN tonight.

I want wins...but if things get close in the standing then I want loses...then if we build up a lead in the loss column then I'll want wins again....but not too many wins because that takes away from the needed losses.

Let's give Zaza the perfect birthday present and trade him to a playoff team

Boston is so bad wow

No Bradley either stings, they are very shallow in the backcourt as you would expect with those two out. This looks like an unfortunate schedule W.

Haven't seen much of Jared Sullinger, but he kind of reminds me of Rodney Rogers Huge guy that looks like he should be parked under the rim, but is in love with the 3

Well, he probably has started shooting too many threes But he’s definitely a lot more well-rounded than Rogers. Good rebounder too.

He's very well rounded

Bass is an extremely difficult cover for Henson. He's an interesting player a lot of teams are interested in right now.

Bass is really going to be a nice piece for a team looking to make a run in the play-offs. He's a nice and flexible big.

I cannot stand NBA officiating. How did it get so bad?

We still out-Ainged Danny when he took Olynyk over Gainnis. Hehe

Knight has the vision of Stevie Wonder.

Wow, Sullinger is having an underrated season thus far. What a finish.

Love how guys who zaza guards usually end up hurt

Other than BOS tanking, is there any reason why Rondo is out tonight?

Hahaha Now if only Zaza could make a layup. We’ll work on it for next season


Boston has been killing us on the offensive glass all game.

Well, I did say early in the thread: Jeff Green is due for his one game a week dominance. Here we are. His jumper is falling. He's playing with confidence. We are the beneficiaries.

Green's J is beautiful. Smooth as hell.

Olynykyk just floats to the basket.

Olynk needs a haircut. He legit looks like a chick, and his first name is Kelly.

Dude looks like a lady.

I can't take him seriously with his hair like that.

Bayless is such a **** player

We really gonna lose to a Rondo/Bradley-less Celtic team? This is amazing!

Our tank is unstoppable

This is fabulous! Pull away Celts! Pull away. Put this game in the bank. Our tank is earning interest, baby.

We are throwing Olynyk a lovely break out party tonight

Dirk Olynyk IMO

This is the second time in a week Sullinger has 4 blocks He's not a sexy player, but he's a nice player to have. He's chippy. Big. And, he's improving.

Impressive loss tonight. Truly.

The one game Olynyk shows up...

Jeff Green would look great as a 3rd option on a good team, he has improved his game a fair bit over the last 18 months or so. Him on a team like Memphis would be a great fit.

A #1 isn't going to help this team. We are destined to be the Bobcats. We are always going to suck

I really like Pressey, he was a good pickup for the Celtics.
Making Giannis guard Pressey is not fair for Giannis. Pressey can probably go through his legs. Not the ball. Pressey himself.

The wheels have completely fallen off now

I'm not sure this thing ever had wheels

Only tank tracks.

Good for the tank, but ugly way to end.

I have to say, if the Bucks are tanking, they're doing a splendid job of it!

Kelly Olynyk should never cut his hair. In a few years, he could hide Pressey in there, coming off screens.
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  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I'm with you on not being able to watch the team and root for them to lose. How can you watch Sully and the other young players getting better every day and not want them to be rewarded? (Even with the understanding that, in general, losses are helpful in the long run. It's the specific losses I can't cheer for.)

    I approve of using Ainge as a verb.

    The last comment is great. Kelly and Phil's Excellent Rookie Adventure at the end of the game was fun.


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