Monday, September 23, 2013

Rondo Considered One of Top 3 Toughest Players in NBA

Dime has a list of the 20 toughest players in the NBA. Former Celtics Kendrick Perkins (no surprise there), Paul Pierce, and Tony Allen made the list. And listed at #3 is Celtics' point guard, Rajon Rondo, with only Joakim Noah and Kobe Bryant considered tougher. Here is what they had to say about Rondo.
Known as the weak link during the Celtics championship run in 2008, Rajon Rondo has become one of the most versatile and exciting players in the NBA not just because of his talent, but his confidence, which vehemently teeters on arrogance. Never one to hold his tongue, the Celtics guard is known for his public spats with opposing players such as Chris Paul and Kris Humphries, as well as his former coach, Doc Rivers.

Whether his trash-talk is warranted or not, Rondo certainly walks the walk. And even if he can’t walk, he still finds a way to produce. In the last couple of years, Rondo has had legendary moments of perseverance that players dream of. After hyperextending and dislocating his elbow during Game 3 of the 2011 Eastern Conference Semifinals, he made an improbable return in the fourth quarter, practically playing with one hand for the reminder of the game, and establishing himself as a certifiable Boston folk hero. And who can forget about him tearing his ACL in the second quarter of a game against the Hawks in January, and not only finishing the game but dropping a triple-double? When you have balls like this kid, you can talk all you’d like.
I have no problem with Kobe being #1 because he plays hurt and it takes a lot to get him off the court.  But LeBron at #4 is stretching it.  The guy is so protected by the refs he hardly ever gets hit but is constantly flopping and pretending that he's hurt.  Crybabies aren't tough in my book.

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