Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random Thoughts on Rookies, Accidents and Everything Going On

There seems to be a lot going on in Celtics Nation these past few games. I've been laying back and just doing the links and letting the better part of Celtics Green writing team take over with the Summer Quandries series, which I am very much enjoying but figured I'd weigh in with a few thoughts on the latest news.

First of all the Rookie Photo Shoot seems to have been a lot of fun for the Celtics incoming rookies. I'll share a few of my favorite photos and videos from the coverage of it. It seems that Marcus Smart had a lot of fun doing a wacky Scavenger Hunt for Sports Nation.

And James Young could have danced all night. Let's hope his footwork on the court is a bit better than his dance moves.

And I love the photos of the players flying through the air for a dunk. Here are Young and Smart in their dunk poses. I can't wait to see these two rookies on the court for the Celtics.

And these two rookies are already showing their teamwork as they hoop it up at the Rookie Photo Shoot. Cpuld there be another Slam Dunk Champion in the Celtics' future?
There is recent news of last year's rookies as well. First up, Vitor Faverani was reportedly arrested in Valencia, Spain for a drunk driving accident. According to reports in the Spanish media, he ran a red light and hit a bus. When he tested out at 3 times the legal limit for alcohol, he was arrested. It doesn't appear that anyone was injured in the accident. What this means for Vitor going forward with the Celtics is anyone's guess. He was the only true center on last year's roster. He will join Tyler Zeller at the center this season.

Vitor showed a lot of promise when he got playing time early but then was put on the bench while the Celtics used power forwards at the center. He was then sent to the Red Claws where he was playing well until he suffered a season ending knee injury. He has been rehabbing in Spain and was expecting to return to Boston in September to prepare for the new season. Other players have survived a drunk driving charge and come back fine. It all depends on whether this was a wake up call for Vitor or if it is a problem. I guess we will find out as more information becomes available. I'd like to see him given a real chance on this year's team to see what he can do.

Another Celtic involved in an accident is Kelly Olynyk. He is playing for Canada in international competition and had an incident along the baseline in Canada's 78-73 exhibition loss to Serbia in Trieste, Italy. After watching Paul George's gruesome injury in Team USA's exhibition game should make every fan (and player) a bit skittish about injuries. Thankfully, Kelly was much luckier in his collision with the baseline than George was.

And, for the best news of the day. Brian Scalabrine is following LeBron's lead and is coming home. IN fact, he announced his return in a parody of LeBron's essay announcing his return to Cleveland. I've missed Scal's humor. He will be returning to the CSNNE broadcasting team and will be filling in for Tommy as the color analyst for the away games when Tommy doesn't travel. Scal is a very good color analyst and I look forward to hearing him once again on the broadcasts.

One of my favorite recent Celtics stories is from when Tony Allen tore his ACL when going up for a dunk after a whistle in the ill fated 2006-07 season. Scal had a minor knee injury and was not playing, so he volunteered to take Tony to the hospital after he was injured. When Tony was heading for the hospital with his mother in Scal's car, Tony's mother asked why they weren't taking an ambulance, he told her, "This is better than an ambulance. This is Scal!"

And now, he's back and I couldn't be happier. This isn't just any color man, this is Scal! If CSNNE is smart they will groom him to take over for Tommy Heinsohn whenever Tommy decides to hang up the mike and retire. But, not until Tommy is ready to retire. Tommy is a treasure and they should keep him as long as he is willing and able to do the broadcasts. As much as Celtics fans love Scal, Tommy Heinsohn IS the Celtics.

I love Marcus Smart's confidence.  I think that is going to translate on the court as leadership and wins for the Celtics.  From a piece on Distinct Athlete, Marcus Smart was asked who he thought would be Rookie of the Year this season.  There was no discussion about the other rookies who should be in the mix.
Joining fellow rookies during an AMA Reddit chat on Sunday afternoon, Smart was asked who he thought would bring home the hardware. There was no hesitation on the part of the former Oklahoma State product who responded with a one-word answer.

Gotta love that confidence. Now, hopefully he will get the playing time and opportunity to make good on his pick.

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  1. Check, check, and check.
    "This is better than an ambulance. This is Scal!" You just can't make up anything better.
    I've seen a number of bloggers dissing the rookies for clowning around and dancing. What the hey? These are teenagers. If goofing off at a made for media occasion isn't appropriate for a kid, what is? I'm sure it was a gleeful day for each of them. I have no problem with their antics there as long as they are taking care of business every day also. Better they be blowing off steam at a photo shoot than cruising the clubs or streets in the wee hours of the morning.

  2. I love seeing them clown around and have fun at the photo shoot. I love seeing them clown around after practice as well. That means that they still love the game enough to have fun with it. I agree with you. Better clowning around than out getting into trouble.


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