Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Celtics Rookies in Annual Rookie Survey

 The annual Rookie Survey is out where they ask all the rookies to rate their peers in several different categories.  The 2014 NBA rookie class was hyped for its talent as well as for being a deep draft class.
Thirty-eight rookies answered eight questions about their rookie class and 39 different players received votes in at least one of those categories.

Of all the players, Jabari Parker got 52% of the votes for rookie of the year.  Andrew Wiggins, the #1 pick in the draft got just 8.3% of the vote.   Marcus Smart is listed in other players receiving votes.  I know one thing, one of those votes was from Marcus himself.  

Surprisingly, Marcus didn't get any votes in the "Best Career" category, which Jabari Parker also ran away with. In answer to which player is most overlooked, once again, Marcus Smart didn't get any votes. But, James Young, the Celtics' 17th pick, came in 9th with 5.6% of the vote. For most athletic, 4 players got consideration: Zach LaVine, Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Gordon, and Cleanthony Early.

Not surprisingly, neither Celtic rookie got any votes in the "Best Shooter category, although Young was touted for his scoring prowess in college. Also not surprisingly, Doug McDermott and Nik Stauskas got the majority of votes in that category.

As for "Best Defender," Marcus Smart tied for first with K.J. McDaniels of Philadelphia with 13.5 percent of the vote.
Marcus Smart also came in 3rd in the "Best Playmaker" category with 13.5% of the vote. A good playmaker who is also the best defender, what's not to like?

When asked which rookie is the funniest, Marcus Smart also rated at the top, coming in 2nd to Joel Embiid of Philadelphia. This may seem like a very trivial category, but a player who knows how to keep it light in the locker room is a good thing. Of course, Fab Melo was also voted the funniest and we all know how that ended. But, Smart is a leader as well as the funniest and that should be a big plus for him.

The last question was who is your favorite player. This rookie class also showed their BBIQ in that Kevin Durant came in tops with 25% of the vote and the player that the media falls all over came in 3rd. I like that.

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  1. Defense, play maker, leader, light hearted side--sure we can make it work!


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