Monday, February 10, 2014

Comments from the Other Side - Mavericks 2/9/14

I love how almost every fan base in the league covets Rondo while half of the Celtics fans want to trade him.   The last comment about how bad the Eastern Conference is an understatement.  I mean when a tanking Lakers team can come East with 8 players and end the game with 4 eligible players and still win the game,  there is something wrong.   My favorites are in bold.  What are yours? 

Hopefully Bradley and Rondo are out again.

Rondo auditioning for the Mavs tonight. Could be interesting. :)

Is there a single fan in Boston? Awefully silent

Calderon ******* sucks

Olynyk looks like Sasquatch

So far, Hurensohn with good commentary surprisingly.

Heinsohn annoys me

Oh Kelly olynyk has dirk's number

Not an accident, I'm sure

I want dirk to school olynyk once this game

Can we have Rondo for Calderon and some else somehow

Time to go on a run with Rondo on the bench. And no the big three didn´t make Rondo. He´s that good.

Good thing Boston suck, or we'd be getting blown out right now

We haven't had a flopper of Harris's quality since Barea left

Only thing saving us right now Is they’re bad too

Avery Bradley keeps talking to the ref Even when his man has the ball

The Celtics suck so badly A good team would be up by 20 on us now

Even the big Celtics homer commentators can't believe that the refs called that against the Mavs/Harris The ******* refs are on it again

Rondo so good

Maybe he has some illegal bionic parts attached to his body? All that devices on his knees, ellbow and fingers remind me about something between the T1000 and 6-Million-Dollar man Steve Austin.

Ehh, Brad Stevens has these Celts playing pretty good fundamental basketball.

Refs are bad... This time we got bailed out.

Celtics have scrappy defense. Too bad their shooters suck.

I do not understand how professional basketball players who have played the game literally every single day since their youth can be so bad at shooting a basketball

Hate that stupid Olynek guy

These Celtics commentators are pretty neat. It's like they don't even care.

can'T say any of the Celtics play good defense... it's just that Ellis for instance misses so many open shots

The Celtics shooting 27% isn't really the Mavs' doing. They've missed a ton of open 3 pointers and have blown several open dunks already.

Looks androgynous...
Even his name is androgynous...
Even looks like the androgynous character, Mitch on the movie Dazed and Confused...
Guess everyone does have a Doppelganger..
Man. Avery Bradley is waaay off.

Rondo hitting 3s this game....crazy

Imagine if he could hit them consistently That and free throws.. Complete point guard

Wright could have his way athletically against olynyk and humphries.

Dirk drilling a 3 in olynyk's face So sweet

Rondo is back and looking good.

I thought that long haired Kelly whatever his name is, was holding dirk.

When did the Celtics acquire Chris Johnson from the titans

Rondo's improved in his three, is he a free agent this summer?

If rondo start shooting like this he's the best pg in the league

I think he is the best pg in the league. Just my opinion

Rondo is shooting like 22% on threes for the season...the 3 he's made today are totally fluky

Did the commentators just stated that Olynek had more skill coming into the league than Dirk?=.

Tommy Heinson is a legend but sounds a lot like an idiot because he looks at the world through green glasses. If he played for Cleveland, the dude would be a bum to Heinson

This ******* Boston coach.... Enough w the time outs

What a freakin ugly game. Eastern conf. Is horrible

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  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    It always amuses me how much time opposing fans spend discussing Kelly's hair. (Although my favorite in that subcategory is still the Knicks fan who thought every team should have its own hippie.)

  2. Yes, it is amusing how much they obsess over his hair. And I agree about the Knicks fan's comment. That was hilarious.


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