Monday, September 23, 2013


As focused on the season as most of the Celtics we have heard from seem to be, there will be some distractions that will keep the Celtics totally focused on basketball from the beginning of the season. The most obvious distraction is the domestic abuse complaint against Jared Sullinger.

 The next trial date for Jared will be October 28. The preseason wraps up on October 25 and the regular season begins on October 29, so his court date is right in the middle of preparation for the Celtics' first game. Of course, the trial isn't the only distraction for Sully, there is also the back injury thing. Even though reports have been positive on his rehab, no one knows as yet whether he will be ready to go for preseason or for the beginning of the season, for that matter.

There is also the distraction of Rondo's recovery. Rondo has also been working hard on rehabbing his torn ACL and reports have been positive on his rehab as well. But, as with Sully, there is no timeline for him to return and no one knows when he will take the court for the first time. It could be for the preseason. It could be for opening night. It could be December. No one knows for certain at this point and that has to be a distraction for Coach Stevens and for all of the players.

Along with the uncertainty of the timing for Sully and Rondo's return to the court, there is also the distraction of Kelly Olynyk's feet. His battle with plantar fasciitis this offseason kept him from working out with the Canadian national team. He has said recently that his condition is much better and that he hopes to be ready for training camp. But, we know that plantar fasciitis is a fickle ailment and it can pop back up at any time. Rest is the best treatment for the condition and we won't know if he is 100% until he gets out on the court to begin playing.

Along with all of the physical distractions, there is another player who may have other distractions throughout the season. As much as Kris Humphries has said and done the right things recently, talking about how hard he has worked out and about wanting to earn a long term contract with the Celtics to stick around for the rebuild, he also brings with him a ton of baggage. His short lived marriage to Kim Kardashian has been in the headlines again recently as he has put their engagement ring up for auction. Once you are involved with that family, it's tough to get totally out of the headlines again. There will be rumors and headlines and gossip that will follow him into the season. Hopefully it won't be too much of a distraction.

With a young team like the Celtics will have this season, distractions can derail the entire season. It will be a test of just what kind these kids are made of to see if they can get past all of the distractions and put together a cohesive team. Like I have said before, this is going to be a fun season to watch.

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  1. Great important -off court- factors here FLC.F.
    I agree with 'all' of your ~distractions~ key points here,
    yet it does seem to me, that Mr.Humphries evident compromise
    with the Celt's preseason camp, let's hope this is a starting point sign
    that He is going to make it.

    I just hope the 'press' at large acts more like a professional
    SPORTS NEWS PRESS rather than another 'trendy' gossip tabloid;
    with all these external factors in there place, I repeat -
    He should be O.K.

  2. Danny sounded like he's not concerned with the charges against Sully and hinted that there's more to it than we are hearing and that he hasn't done anything that would keep him from playing for the Celtics. Hopefully you are right and the press reports sports and not gossip.


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